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Podcast Category
Newsroom1 episodes available
The Gene Valicenti Show293 episodes available
The John DePetro Show129 episodes available
The Dan Yorke Show168 episodes available
The Buddy Cianci Show274 episodes available
The Matt Allen Show153 episodes available
Dan Yorke Endorsements1 episodes available
John DePetro Endorsements3 episodes available
Matt Allen Endorsements1 episodes available
Buddy Cianci Endorsements29 episodes available
RI Real Estate Insiders61 episodes available
Tara Granahan19 episodes available
Steve Klamkin73 episodes available
Profiles with Patrick Austin4 episodes available
The John Loughlin Show70 episodes available
Rhode Island Home & Life38 episodes available
Weekend Shows42 episodes available
Gene Valicenti's Tech Talk11 episodes available
John Loughlin's Small Business Saturday1 episodes available
Benchwarmer's Podcast18 episodes available
Podcast Title
GOP Chairman fires back at Speaker Mattiello (8:27)
Writer from Boston Magazine on Tom Brady Controversy (8:59)
Flag Controversy in Cranston (1:41)
Palin says RI State Police investigating firefighters (3:34)
Brother Gary tells John DePetro Black Lives Matter (19:15)
UPDATE: John DePetro talks w/ Dr Finocchio about Moses (3:07)
John DePetro talks with Joe Paolino about the PawSox (12:04)
John DePetro talks with a caller about a UFO in Warwick (2:49)
John DePetro talks w/ mother who claims son was bullied (7:18)
John DePetro Show - Song about illegals in RI (1:09)
John DePetro talks with Rep Anthony Giarrusso (7:13)
John DePetro talks w/ supporter of "Black Lives Matter" (19:25)
John DePetro talks with a Coventry fire official (8:32)
John DePetro talks with a woman whose husband moans (2:04)
John DePetro talks with the brothers from Life is Good (15:34)
John DePetro talks with an eyewitness at Bryant U (5:06)
Caller tries to defend "begging instead of fundraising" (8:19)
John talks with Randy Lutz about "Generation Beg" (7:22)
Caller Believes in Conspiracies (4:31)
EXCLUSIVE: John DePetro talks with Mayor Fung (36:08)
JD talks w/ the Director for the Impossible Dream (6:00)
Mark Weiner talks with JD about the Impossible Dream (14:51)
Miss Rhode Island Teen USA - Mary Malloy (3:41)
John DePetro caller helps out elderly man during storm (6:04)
John DePetro talks with Sharknado star Ian Ziering (10:13)
Rhode Island Mob Stories (13:05)
RI teen wins Right-to-life award (13:21)
JD talks with MISS RI USA (28:52)
Immigration Expert discusses Rhode Island (15:09)
Cinzia Provost - Miss High School America (4:38)
JD talks to Charles Shaughnessy (16:56)
Dr Petteruti discusses Lyme Disease (34:52)
Cranston City Councilman Blasts Mayor Fung (10:59)
Caller tells EBT card story (1:58)
Brother Gary compares RI State name to Confederate Flag (7:21)
John DePetro Birthday Show w/ Walter Miller & Ann (16:33)
Debra Messing at the Pell Awards with K. DePetro (1:34)
Ken Block & Fire Fighter Costs in RI (13:07)
Ken Block Criticizes Speaker Mattiello (8:18)
RIPTA Legal says "Case Closed" (5:08)
JD talks with Camille Kostek from Benrus (27:31)
John talks with State Representative Patricia Morgan (15:09)
John Wins Best Radio Talk Show 2014 (7:30)
Dan Reilly Challenging Linda Fin for State House of Rep (19:03)
Mike Smith Challenging Paiva-Weed for Senate (14:39)