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Podcast Category
Play-by-Play97 episodes available
AM Springfield191 episodes available
Press Box63 episodes available
Ag16 episodes available
Money Talk with Bill Peterman30 episodes available
House Call with Dr. Sean McCaffrey34 episodes available
Podcast Title
Alderman Chuck Redpath (13:07)
Author Danual Berkley (8:16)
Illinois Wine Winter Wine Festival (8:31)
Senator Dick Durbin (18:00)
BOS Center Chief/Saputo's Mike Coffey Jr. (42:05)
Springfield Schools Superintendent Jennifer Gill (1:19:09)
Patriots Asst Brendan Daly & SHG Coach Ken Leonard (23:53)
Chicagoland Speedway's Scott Paddock (8:41)
Final day for community health survey (12:50)
St. Aloysius School (37:02)
Chicago Sports media legend Terry Boers (13:58)
Alderman Jim Donelan (6:23)
Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder (7:12)
Innovate Springfield's Katie Davison (7:42)
Adam Lopez (14:09)
Congressman Rodney Davis (14:15)
Bank of Springfield Center GM Brian Oaks (6:28)
Chatham Mayor Dave Kimsey (12:26)
Mike Madigan Spokesman Steve Brown (43:22)
Sam breaks down the State of the Union (24:28)
Mickey Madison remembered (14:13)
Lincoln Land Charity Championship has new name, sponsor (16:43)
Chad Walton talks about his late daughter Charlee (10:33)
Alderman Ralph Hanauer (11:12)
Crimestoppers Trivia Night (16:18)
Developer Chris Stone (26:15)
Sangamon Co Circuit Clerk Paul Palazzolo (11:42)
Michele Reavy City Tourney Food Drive (19:54)
Ad's talk about City Tourney (28:45)
Country Financial Agent Mike O'Brien (8:15)
Sherman Mayor Takes in Minneapolis Miracle (10:36)
Sci Bulldog Trivia Night (14:26)
Springfield Sports HOF (28:54)
Sangamon County Health Director Jim Stone (19:24)
Winterfreeze (9:02)
"Cynical" Sam Talks Fairgrounds and More (29:02)
Springfield tourism chief Gina Gemberling (15:08)
Frontiers International's Allan Woodson (18:56)
Sam chats about City Council hopefuls (10:47)
Former Pentagon official and U of I Trustee Tom Lamont (41:02)
Longtime WICS anchor Adam Rife (18:33)
Springfield School Board member Mike Zimmers (20:22)
Mayor Jim Langfelder (16:12)
Austin Berg Illinois Policy Institute (9:28)
Retired Sangamon Co. Judge/Prosecutor Pat Kelley (9:01)
Rick Dunham aka Elvis Himselvis (14:21)
Congressman Rodney Davis (12:16)
State Senator Andy Manar (9:29)
Sam's monologue (23:40)
LLCC Aviation Program (9:43)
Former Rochester/Illini QB Wes Lunt (10:27)
St Senator Michael Hastings (9:02)
Chris Mueller joins national Special Olympics run (11:48)
Dr. William Moredock (20:07)
Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (13:21)
Jenn Sullivan (29:15)
Springfield Airport Chief Mark Hanna (12:30)
Tony DelGiorno (13:04)
State Senator Sam McCann (13:42)
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (14:36)
Congressman Rodney Davis (28:35)
Downtown Springfield Inc's Lisa Clemmons Stott (11:47)
Pleasant Plains Coach Brody Walworth (7:19)
Rochester Coach Derek Leonard (6:22)
Sam Madonia "monologue:" and Adam Lopez Tourney (40:04)
Festival of Trees Amanda Johnson (7:03)
Sangamon Co Adm Brian McFadden/Bd. Chair Andy Van Meter (17:02)
Horace Mann CEO Marita Zuraitis (5:43)
Sam Monologue 11/14 (17:40)
Bart Geiser and Mike Coffey Jr. (3:06)
Sam Montalbano/Veterans Day Parade (4:37)
Longtime Edgar Aide Mike Lawrence (32:04)
Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy (10:46)
St Rep and Gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives (10:25)
Public Works Director Mark Mahoney (18:52)
Jim Langfelder weighs in on Winslow no confidence vote (6:34)
Dean Graven talks about the EDC proposal (8:07)
Author Maria Libri-Sigle (11:07)
Muni Mayhem (9:28)
Illinois Wine & Ethnic Food Festival (7:46)
SJR First Citizen finalists (5:22)
Cafe Moxo (11:07)
Mayor Jim Langfelder (12:52)
State Treasurer Michael Frerichs (6:19)
USS Springfield crew members visit (6:28)
Witches Night Out (8:47)
SHG Shopapalooza (7:23)
Sam's Thursday Monologue (20:51)
Sam chats with BOS boss Tom Marantz and Monica Dyson (14:22)
Sangamon County Economic Development (26:44)
Sam Monologue 10/12/17 (21:54)
Sam takes to the sky with Springfield FD (6:50)
Fire Prevention Week (15:37)
Fire Chief Barry Helmerichs (13:14)
Memorial Breast Cancer Super Survivors (17:58)
Southeast High School 50th Anniversary (3:43)
Rockford Golf Outing (3:01)
Tim and Barry McAnarney (17:28)
99th State Rep hopeful Mike Murphy (8:03)
Rosemarie Long (8:01)
Taste of Sangamon County (13:58)
Senator Sam McCann (7:36)
Girls Scouts new fundraiser Cookies and Cocktails (7:01)
Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Pearson (12:13)
State Rep. Avery Bourne (16:50)
Denim and Diamonds Fundraiser (8:31)
Mayor Jim Langfelder and CWLP"s Doug Brown (27:30)
David Vail Talks Addiction (18:09)
Comptroller Susana Mendoza (10:22)
Former City Clerk Cecilia Tumulty (8:54)
Sangamon County Sheriff candidate Jack Campbell (11:43)
Halloween Parade Comes to Downtown Springfield (10:41)
Illini Amy Reynolds looks back at Carlinville HS Fire (10:28)
State Senate candidate Steve McClure (9:16)
Kevin Sronce talks about Irma (14:52)
Junk in the Trunk fundraiser (6:26)
College hoops legend Dick Vitale (10:33)
Mylas Copeland Harvey Relief (3:30)
Peggy Noel-Irma Advances (6:19)
KC 364 Oktoberfest (8:04)
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (10:47)
Crimestoppers LRS Hangar Party (5:54)
SOB Festival (7:08)
99th State Rep hopeful Dave Kelm (3:26)
Elkhart Route 66 Labor Day Festival (10:30)
Lisa Clemmons Stott (6:26)
Dr. Ankur Shah (8:57)
Comptroller Susana Mendoza and Sec of State Jesse White (19:46)
Gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker (10:05)
Erika Harold (8:54)
Senators Dick Durbin and Amy Klobuchar (15:33)
Governor Bruce Rauner (11:43)
BBQ legend Mike Mills! (8:21)
Tammie Rockford (22:04)
Dr. Bill Moredock (31:01)
Illinois State Fair Foundation's John Slayton (5:15)
Sheriff Wes Barr Retiring (9:57)
Terry Young/Springfield Speedway Reunion (17:40)
Superintendent Jennifer Gill (11:39)
State Treasurer Michael Frerichs (9:39)
Old Gillet Farm Auction (8:56)
Alderwoman Kristin DiCenso (10:18)
Congressman Rodney Davis (13:09)
Rochester Schools Superintendent Tom Bertrand (17:38)
Jack Campbell (14:31)
Elvis performer Rick Dunham (7:26)
Congressman Darin LaHood (7:35)
New Springfield School Board member Jamie Sisti (10:12)
City Budget Chief Bill McCarty (16:21)
Adam Lopez (20:05)
Sam's Monologue 7/19/2017 (24:31)
Muni Production of White Christmas (13:35)
Chatham Sweetcorn Festival (13:13)
Praisefest (16:42)
State Representative Sara Jimenez (12:49)
Former Senate Minority Leader Frank Watson (13:30)
Congressional candidate Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (15:55)
Alderman Chuck Redpath (8:25)
Alderman Joe McMenamin (23:52)
Comptroller Susana Mendoza (10:34)
Mindy Ruckman Illinois Policy Institute (14:36)
Mike Houston (14:12)
SJR political columnist Bernie Schoenburg (24:17)
Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady (12:57)
St Rep Tim Butler (12:14)
Mike Madigan Spokesman Steve Brown (12:50)
Experimental Aircraft Assn John Salz (7:22)
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (21:08)
Muni Production of Mary Poppins (13:35)
BOS Center GM Brian Oaks (23:41)
Patty Schuh (12:20)
Judge Leo Zappa talks Lincoln Land Charity Championship (6:08)
Former SHG Golfer Jake Marriott (6:23)
Secretary of State child seat education (9:22)
Sam Madonia's weekend wrapup (19:25)
Randy Twyford talks food trucks (12:52)
Congressman Rodney Davis (9:48)
Author Michael Wallis (10:36)
Willy Wonka cast from the Muni (8:41)
Bruce Rushton (7:49)
Congressman Rodney Davis (9:29)
Sangamon County Student of the Year Dominique LaSalvia (9:50)
Illinois Times Reporter Bruce Rushton (4:47)
Illinois Times Reporter Bruce Rushton (7:08)
Illinois Times Reporter Bruce Rushton (12:09)
ESPN's Tim Kurkjian visits with Jim Rupert (14:21)
Springfield legend Jim Herron (27:12)
Retired Secret Service Agent Clint Hill (13:25)
Sam's Monologue 3/1/17 (17:20)
Legendary pitcher Tommy John (15:31)
Senator Dick Durbin (13:39)