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Podcast Category
Play-by-Play119 episodes available
AM Springfield397 episodes available
Press Box34 episodes available
Ag7 episodes available
House Call with Dr. Sean McCaffrey30 episodes available
Podcast Title
Blood Brothers (8:18)
Bill Fleischli, IL Petroleum Marketers (22:07)
Basket of Hope Trivia Night (5:58)
Tony Leone & Carolyn Harmon Talk Horseshoes in New Bo (26:26)
Sam's Monologue 4/24 (22:40)
Sam's Monologue 4/23 (21:06)
Fat Ass 5K (9:47)
Sam's Monologue April 22nd (24:36)
Former AM Springfield Newsman John "Harris" Herath (21:24)
Sam's Monologue April 12th (26:16)
Sue Davsko (4:10)
Sam's Monologue April 10th (19:12)
Sam's Monologue (19:10)
Springfield Sports HOF Lesa Schaive & Jim Ruppert (16:36)
Boys and Girls Club (7:16)
Comptroller Susana Mendoza (13:52)
Sangamon Co Clerk Don Gray (5:32)
Sam's Monologue April 4th (20:40)
Election Night "Post Game Show" (1:33:49)
Springfield Election Results (4:48)
Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray (5:26)
Sam's Monologue Mar 29th (18:59)
Comedian Alex Ortiz is coming to Donnie B's (5:23)
IL State Military Museum Curator Bill Lear (6:10)
Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder (10:04)
Illinois Chamber's Todd Maisch talks road funding (11:31)
Sam's Monologue March 28th (23:09)
Sam's Monologue (25:09)
Mayoral candidate Frank Edwards (21:47)
Christine Stedman (4:32)
Cast of Springfield High production of Mamma Mia (7:42)
Coach Ken Leonard reflects on the life of Ted Wise (7:37)
Sam's Monologue March 18th (30:27)
Lincoln Memories at the Alley Bi (1:27:23)
Sam's Monologue March 13th (24:14)
Springfield Public Works Director Mark Mahoney (18:43)
Rep. Allen Skillicorn (9:18)
Mini O'Beirne Crisis Nursery (9:52)
Longtime Network Knowledge CEO Dr. Jerold Gruebel (20:14)
Businessman and auto biz icon Todd Green (21:47)
Hopeful Futures Gala (8:24)
Illinois St Military Museum hosts WWI event (13:51)
Illinois Policy Institute's Adam Schuster (8:40)
State Senator Bill Brady (23:19)
State Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich (16:39)
House Minority Leader Jim Durkin (12:44)
Author Alex Berenson (10:51)
Springfield Clinic's Dr. Dmitri Shuster (11:27)
Reisch Beer Returns (22:52)
SHG Mostacolli Dinner (3:07)
Hickory Point Bank (5:03)
DSI's Lisa Clemmons Stott and State Sen Andy Manar (10:53)
Sangamon Co Board Chmn Andy Van Meter & Catie Sheehan (5:48)
Illinois Products Expo (7:42)
Todd Maisch chats with Rebecca Mason, Hannah Meisel (16:13)
Congressman Darin LaHood (8:56)
Ameren's Richard Mark (10:41)
St Sen Steve McClure (9:51)
Todd Maisch IL Chamber (16:33)
State Rep. Mike Murphy (9:11)
Gus Gordon visits with Todd Maisch (9:46)
IL Chamber CEO Todd Maisch (5:57)
Southeast Hoops Coach Lawrence Thomas (8:17)
State Senator Scott Bennett (9:41)
Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs (29:48)
Interim Ag Director John Sullivan (12:06)
Springfield Schools Supt Jennifer Gill (1:12:16)
Lt Governor Julianna Stratton (14:46)
Steve Brown from Speaker Madigan's Office (16:16)
Mayor Jim Langfelder (19:09)
Memorial Med Ctr Foun Ex Dir. Melissa Hansen Schmadeke (7:48)
Author Maria Libri-Sigle (13:54)
Sam's Monologue Feb 11th (24:26)
Author Maria Libri-Sigle (13:54)
St Senator Jill Tracy (14:02)
Sam's Monologue Feb 12th (26:19)
IL Chamber of Commerce Pres/CEO Todd Maisch (9:42)
Chicago Trib columnist Rick Pearson (7:48)
Prairie St Bank Pres. Joe Hardy (15:55)
Political analyst Tim MacAnarney (19:11)
Sam's Monologue Feb 7 (22:00)
Dr. George Barber, Greenville U. Basketball Coach (13:05)
HCI Alternatives Chris Stone (18:29)
Congressman Rodney Davis SOTU React (6:09)
Price is Right contestant Drew Peterson (9:00)
SHG Teacher/Author Linda "L.K. Smith" (8:03)
Springfield Fire Chief Allen Reyne (11:15)
Sangamon Co States Atty Dan Wright (14:57)
County Circuit Clerk Paul Palazzolo (6:32)
Sam's Monologue Feb 4 (30:34)
CBS Sports' Kevin Breheny (22:37)
Senator Dick Durbin (14:23)
State Senator Andy Manar (19:08)
Sam Madonia Monologue (24:29)
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (12:08)
City Engineer Nate Bottom (11:41)
Sangamon/Menard Co Crimestoppers Trivia (14:55)
Tony Leone (17:26)
Girl Scout Cookies Return (6:29)
Kathy Luelling, UCP Land of Lincoln (9:13)
Comedian James Yon (5:05)
Sam's Monologue and Tom Marantz (36:06)
Springfield Schools Supt Jennifer Gill (13:53)
C-Span's Ashley Hill (0:22)
Monica Guerrant American Lung Assn (6:46)
Chris Wills Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library/Museum (7:52)
State Senator Steve McClure (12:27)
Joe and Sue Regan/Winterfreeze Chili Cookoff (5:48)
UIS Chancellor Susan Koch and her husband Dennis Koch (21:33)
Comedian Steve Kramer (9:20)
Athletic Directors talk City Tourney (0:32)
Sam's Monologue Jan. 16th (23:51)
Michele Reavy City Tourney Food Drive (25:48)
Jim Ruppert and Lesa Schaive Springfield Sports HOF (19:55)
Reisch Beer Returns (20:34)
State Rep. Mike Murphy (8:48)
RD Lawrence Company Discusses Coliseum Restoration (16:01)
St. Rep Tim Butler (15:20)
Alderman Joe McMenamin (19:07)
Illini Central Hoops Coach Tony Wherley (11:00)
Downtown Springfield Inc's Lisa Clemmons Stott (7:22)
Bears Super Bowl Champ and Color Man Tom Thayer (12:58)
SMTD's Steve Schoeffel (13:08)
Tim Schweitzer, Lu Lu's and More (13:00)
Steve Brown (31:39)
Voice of the Bears Jeff Joniak (13:05)
Char Shallow with Komen (5:00)
Retired Ag Director Ray Poe (10:51)
Former Alderman/Outgoing State Tourism Chief Cory Jobe (15:28)
UIS Basketball Coach Bill Walker and Player/Son Vince (7:26)
Cubs Announcer Pat Hughes (13:04)
Sam's Monologue 12/21 (20:47)
Springfield Tourism Boss Scott Dahl (14:22)
Sam's Monologue December 14th (23:22)
Sam's Monologue and Geoff Isringhausen (38:07)
Sam Monologue Dec 12 (21:55)
Sam's Monologue Dec. 11 (21:15)
County Treasurer Joe Aiello (7:59)
Congressman Darin LaHood (9:30)
Sam's Monologue Dec 10 (20:48)
Taylorville continues to recover from a tornado (11:37)
Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti (16:54)
Dennis Brasier (9:30)
Former Sec of Transportation Ray LaHood (11:34)
Sam's Monologue Dec 6th (26:06)
Sam's December 5th monologue (18:28)
Downtown Springfield Inc's Lisa Clemmons Stott (4:16)
SJR Political analyst Bernie Schoenburg (38:44)
Former CWLP Chief Phil Gonet (6:13)
Sam's December 3rd monologue (20:54)
Governor Elect J.B. Pritzker (13:11)
Sam's monologue (15:43)
Congressman Rodney Davis (11:24)
Ed McHenry (6:44)
City Budget Chief Bill McCarty (10:28)
John Stremsterfer Community Foundation Land of Lincoln (7:30)
State Rep. Tim Butler (21:15)
Senator Dick Durbin (18:28)
Sam's Monologue 11/19 (19:49)
Butch Elzea (20:16)
SIU School of Medicine marks Rural Health Day (12:22)
Springfield Muni announces 2019 shows (4:15)
Festival of Trees (9:22)
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (7:02)
SIU System Interim President J. Kevin Dorsey (11:10)
Governor Jim Edgar (13:40)
UIS Professor Emeritus Kent Redfield (22:43)
Charlie Palazzolo and Sam Montablano talk Veterans Day (7:26)
UIS Basketball Coach Bill Walker (6:25)
2018 Election in Review (51:27)
Sam's Monologue 11/6 (22:51)
Chicago Tribune/WGN Analyst Rick Pearson (11:25)
Sec of State Jesse White (5:22)
Sangamon Co Clerk Don Gray/Treasurer Tom Kavanaugh (8:42)
Washington Panthers coach Darrell Crouch (9:38)
Sangamon Co Admin Brian McFadden (20:14)
First Lady Diana Rauner (6:36)
Illinois Times Reporter Bruce Rushton (10:12)
Democratic Gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker (10:32)
Sam's Monologue 10/29/18 (25:21)
Drag racer turned youth driver advocate Doug Herbert (13:48)
Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin (7:57)
Sams Monologue 1026 (18:33)
Sister Marilyn Jean Runkel with the Faith Coalition (11:34)
99th St Rep candidate Marc Bell (7:01)
Sheriff candidate Jack Campbell (7:52)
Bill McCarty (3:10)
Sams Monologue from BOS (23:00)
Governor Bruce Rauner (17:10)
David Platt Sangamon Valley Youth Symphony/Civic Orches (14:12)
Tim McAnarney (25:48)
Springfield Evening Rotary Citrus Sale (8:43)
Downtown Springfield Inc's Lisa Clemmons Stott (13:06)
Former Springfield Alderman Bill Clutter (19:21)
Jim and Josh Langfelder, Misty Buscher (9:33)
SHG Shopapalooza (6:58)
Jerry Curry with the Mary Bryant Home (13:19)
Dr. Jack Pfeiffer (13:50)
Governor Bruce Rauner (9:00)
Petersburg's Emily Hough of the Voice (10:18)
Sam's Monologue (20:16)
St. Katharine Drexell Feastival (6:47)
Congressman Rodney Davis (12:56)
State Senator Andy Manar (10:56)
Taste of Sangamon County (9:06)
Memorial Medical Center's Super Survivors (10:24)
One Sangamon Schools (9:51)
Springfield Marathon (9:22)
SIU Medicine sees restored funding for Alzheimers progr (5:02)
Sam's Tuesday Monologue (21:28)
Educational Center for Visually Impaired's Peggy Dyson (10:04)
Muni Mayhem (12:29)
Outgoing St. Johns President and Ceo Charles Lucore (7:52)
Sam's Monologue October 3rd (23:53)
Sam's Monologue October 2nd (18:02)
Sam's Monologue October 4th (24:14)
State Rep Tim Butler (26:26)
Sam's "monologue" (24:52)
Sam breaks down the issues of the day (21:31)
Alderman Chuck Redpath (19:31)
Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray (24:09)
SangamonLink's Mike Kienzler (19:17)
Great Springfield Chamber CEO Chris Hembrough (19:46)
SIU Route 66 (6:07)
Rochester Coach Derek Leonard (4:09)
SHG Coach Ken Leonard (9:47)
Congressman Rodney Davis (7:33)
Sam's Monologue 9/20 (19:12)
Chicago Bears spokesman Matt Simeone (8:53)
Ward 8 Aldermanic candidate Dean Graven (12:53)
UIS Professor Emeritus, Author & Adventurer Joe Wilkins (21:23)
Sangamon Co Deputy Coroner Jim Allmon (18:33)
Dr. Sameer Vohra (15:47)
Dr. Dave Groesch and Terry Farmer, K of C 364 (10:39)
Jim Ruppert and Lesa Schaive Springfield Sports HOF (16:30)
Jay Leno (15:05)
Crimestoppers LRS Hangar Party (14:29)
SHG Coach Ken Leonard (4:00)
Pete Gegen -STEM Fair (7:21)
Sandy Baksys and visitors from Lithuania (10:25)
Hanson Professional Services Railroad Relocation (1:15:19)
SOB Festival (16:19)
Sangamon Mass Transit District expands service (7:58)
Asst State's Atty Robin Schmidt (14:17)
Sister Mary Jo Sobieck (12:06)
Springfield Bicycle Club (8:05)
Tony Leone (10:02)
Old Capitol Blues and BBQ (9:19)
State Senate candidate Seth McMillan (13:20)
Alderman Joe McMenamin (19:00)
Former Springfield Mayor Frank Edwards (25:43)
Racer Kelly Kovski (4:50)
Comptroller Susana Mendoza (8:31)
Democratic Gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker (5:55)
Democratic Party Exec Dir Christian Mitchell (6:17)
State Senator Andy Manar (4:21)
State Treasurer Michael Frerichs (5:47)
Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti (8:53)
Senator Dick Durbin/South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigie (11:34)
Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady (9:04)
Governor Bruce Rauner (9:42)
Congressman Rodney Davis & State Fair Mgr Luke Sailer (17:37)
Sam's State Fair Opening Day Broadcast (1:34:19)
Michelle Ramlow, Alzheimer's Association (12:01)
Springfield Tourism Director Scott Dahl (15:55)
Alderman Chuck Redpath (19:25)
Governor's Mansion Broadcast (52:00)
Melissa Wade, St. John's Oncology Director (15:59)
Springfield Schools Superintendent Jennifer Gill (18:35)
Illinois Humanities' Paul Durica (6:50)
SHG Coach Ken Leonard (24:28)
Sam's Wednesday Monologue (21:44)
Cast of Annie (12:00)
Taylor Pensoneau and Mark DePue (28:27)
Rochester Supt Lance Thurman (9:19)
Congressman Rodney Davis (10:19)
Butch Elzea, Pat Phalen and Dave Brahler (15:39)
Adam Lopez and Doris Turner (5:25)
Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Pearson (15:53)
Mike and Charlie Palazzolo/Honor Flight Fundraiser (4:59)
Alderman Andrew Proctor (12:14)
UIS Political Science Professor Emeritus Kent Redfield (36:25)
Rochtester track legend Josh Cable (23:10)
Back to the City (9:34)
Back to the City (9:34)
Peacekeepers Ride (11:57)
Erica Smith with Helping Hands (14:32)
Kidzeum (12:02)
Fifth Street Ren/SARA Center (11:04)
Chatham Sweetcorn Festival (9:09)
Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady (10:11)
Illinois Manufacturer's Pres/CEO Greg Baise (7:23)
Illinois State Dental Society (19:25)
Lincoln Land Economic Development CEO (13:04)
Bob Ridings (14:31)
Dr. Sean McCaffrey (8:58)
Sherman Mayor Trevor Clatfelter (12:03)
Run United 5K (11:24)
Muni Production of Legally Blonde (12:16)
First Lady Diana Rauner (4:47)
Sam Talks About the City Council Decision on Homeless (25:16)
John Cafferty (15:25)
Amaranth Apple Festival (15:00)
Mayor Jim Langfelder (23:55)
State Representative David McSweeney (11:29)
Sam's Monologue 7/6/18 (25:32)
Congressman Rodney Davis (16:29)
St Rep. Juliana Stratton (12:35)
UIS Baseball Coach Chris Ramirez (15:33)
Departing McDonald's franchisees Steve & Karen Jeffers (15:16)
Developer turned body developer Mike Suhadolnik (25:05)
Dr. Erik Constance (25:02)
St Representative candidate Dillon Clark (5:52)
Springfield Fire Capt. Jim Price (16:59)
Sam's "Monologue" 7/2/18 (19:23)
Sam's birthday monologue (17:33)
PGA Web.com Tour Golfer Maverick McNealy (9:11)
CWLP Chief Utilities Engineer Doug Brown (10:07)
Congressional candidate Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (11:11)
State Senator Andy Manar (17:57)
Tom Madonia Sr. Golf Outing (10:36)
Downtown Springfield Inc's Lisa Clemmons Stott (12:41)
Muni Production of Sister Act (6:38)
Chicagoland Speedway's Scott Paddock (6:37)
Local merchant Mike Pittman (23:26)
Sam's Monologue (19:44)
Springfield Walk to Defeat ALS (8:03)
Capital City Car Club (10:10)
St. Rep Jay Hoffman (10:56)
Congressman Rodney Davis (14:21)
Author Cheryl Eichar Jet talks Route 66 (27:27)
Congressman Darin LaHood (7:43)
Illinois State Fair's Morgan Booth (6:34)
Governor Bruce Rauner (10:52)
Long Nine's Michael Briggs and Quinn Naugle (10:45)
Memorial Medical Center's Tiffany Lowers (9:37)
Former Sheriff Neil Williamson (18:27)
Speaker Madigan's Spokesman Steve Brown (13:30)
Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti (9:33)
St. Rep Avery Bourne (9:49)
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (16:00)
ChicagoLand Speedway President Scott Paddock (8:13)
Muni Production of Little Shop of Horrors (9:08)
Springfield McDonalds Operator Mike McGraw (13:08)
Illinois Innocence Project's John Hanlon (13:05)
Sherman Mayor Trevor Clatfelter (6:34)
Indianapolis 500 guru Mike Hulvey (14:35)
St Fair MGR Luke Sailer/St Fair Foundation John Slayton (12:20)
Former Springfield Mayor Frank Edwards (14:29)
Former Auditor General William Holland (11:06)
Kart Racer and Indy 500 spotter Rick Fulks (24:27)
Retiring Lincoln Land Professor John Roberts (20:37)
Henson Robinson Zoo Director John Wright (11:55)
Author Taylor Pensoneau (29:26)
Congressman Darin LaHood (5:13)
Madigan Spokesman Steve Brown (20:39)
Mark Mcdonald of WSEC (18:50)
Vegas legend Todd Fuhrman (15:03)
Rupnik discusses the return of Pasta House. (9:06)
Sangamon Co Deputy Coroner Jim Allmon (15:04)
Sam's Friday Monologue (18:02)
Fat Ass 5K (21:00)
Jerry and Mary Jo Curry with Mary Bryant Home (11:08)
Joseph Baar Topinka (16:03)
Susana Mendoza (8:03)
Sam Thursday Monologue (18:15)
Sam Tuesday Monologue (16:55)
Saputo's Celebrates 70 Years (34:37)
Sam's Monday Monologue (25:27)
Saputos legend Mike Coffey Sr. (4:20)
Chrissy Maher and Kim Johnson, Fat Ass 5K (9:22)
New Springfield Fire Division Chiefs (16:32)
SIU Sch of Med's Sameer Vohra (7:10)
Sangamon Co Admin Brian McFadden (15:46)
Springfield High production of Footloose (9:43)
IT Reporter Bruce Rushton (10:51)
Alderman Kris Thielen (10:25)
State Senator Andy Manar (8:35)
Robin and Johnny Schmidt (8:54)
Central Illinois Notre Dame Club (10:02)
Abraham Lincoln/Museum Director Alan Lowe (11:40)
Primo Designs Len Naumovich (15:40)
Grand Army of Republic Museum reopens (18:51)
Thoroughly Modern Millie SHG (8:42)
AP Statehouse Bureau Chief John O'Connor (19:00)
BOS' Jake Erickson is ready for the links (10:22)
UIS Baseball Coach Chris Ramirez (14:43)
Springfield City Treasurer Misty Buscher (13:29)
Abraham Lincoln/Museum Director Alan Lowe (4:00)
BOS crew recaps college hoops championship (18:25)
Robert Burns (23:10)
College hoops legend Dick Vitale (10:33)
ESPN's Tim Kurkjian visits with Jim Rupert (14:21)
Retired Secret Service Agent Clint Hill (13:25)
Sam's Monologue 3/1/17 (17:20)
Legendary pitcher Tommy John (15:31)
Senator Dick Durbin (13:39)