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Podcast Category
Play-by-Play126 episodes available
AM Springfield524 episodes available
Press Box40 episodes available
Ag9 episodes available
House Call with Dr. Sean McCaffrey40 episodes available
Podcast Title
Lisa Clemmons Stott Levitt Amp Concert Series (9:35)
Alderman Chuck Redpath (57:16)
Illinois Times Reporter Bruce Rushton (9:09)
St Treasurer Michael Frerichs (5:47)
Co Auditor Andy Goleman, Co Clerk Don Gray&Brad Carlson (23:16)
Sam's Monologue July 18th (24:15)
Abefest (6:39)
Sam's Tuesday Monologue 7/16 (28:21)
Southeast football Coach Matt Lauber (10:51)
Lisa Badger, Kristen Chiaro and Jenny Thornley (28:36)
Chatham Sweetcorn Festival (7:46)
Sam Monologue July 15 (23:35)
Dr. Nilesh Goswami, Prairie Heart Institute (13:59)
Sam's Monologue 7/12 (25:30)
Justin and Jason Knoedler (13:45)
Sam's Monologue July 11th (31:33)
Muni Production of Thoroughly Modern Millie (8:14)
D'town Springfield's Lisa Clemmons Stott & Mark Kessler (10:12)
States Attorney Dan Wright and Herm Senor Jr. (13:53)
Sam's Monologue July 10th (22:24)
Darin Dame Springfield Hotels and Lodging (9:36)
SJR Political analyst Bernie Schoenburg (21:21)
Jack Robertson reflects on baseball in London (11:25)
Congressman Rodney Davis (18:01)
Sam's Monologue July 8th (24:50)
Sam's Monologue July 5th (18:50)
Ward VI Alderwoman Kristin DiCenso (23:39)
Jamie Stout 100+ Who Care in Springfield (7:52)
Alderman Joe McMenamin (35:18)
Sam's Monologue July 2nd (25:39)
Mark DePue, oral historian Abraham Lincoln Pres Library (5:16)
Springfield Tourism Chief Scott Dahl (18:12)
Sam's Monologue June 27th (25:53)
Attorney Jon Gray Noll (30:21)
IT Reporter Bruce Rushton (19:46)
Sam's Monologue June 24th (23:19)
Dr. Ronald Romanelli (10:58)
Will Mahorney returns (11:12)
Pam Kovacevich Girl Scouts (14:13)
Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (15:03)
Sam's Monologue June 20th (18:47)
New UIS Basketball Coach Matt Brock (13:21)
Sang Co Clerk Don Gray&Matt Dietrich St Bd of Elections (24:56)
Evita comes to the Muni (13:20)
Paul and Shawn opener June 18 (19:08)
Sam's Monologue June 17th (22:17)
Country Financial agent Jesse Boehler & Madison Boehler (10:30)
Mike and John Zerkle talk craft beer (11:53)
Erica Smith with Helping Hands (12:15)
Lincoln Land Championship's Kate Peters and John Staff (9:23)
Shawn and Paul talk Stanley Cup and more (18:23)
Drew Absher PGA (10:11)
Web.com golf Wade Binfield (12:48)
Innovate Springfield's Katie Davison (12:25)
IL Chamber of Commerce Pres/CEO Todd Maisch (48:35)
Adam Schuster Illinois Policy Institute. (6:27)
Abraham Lincoln/Museum Director Alan Lowe (59:51)
Springfield Sliders Owner Todd Miller (24:04)
Congressman Rodney Davis with St Reps Butler & Murphy (14:15)
Congresswoman Liz Cheney (12:20)
LLCC Softball Coaches John Marsaglia and Joe Zimmerman (11:49)
Congressman Darin LaHood (10:48)
Sam's Monologue D-Day and more (22:51)
Quinn Naugle Springfield Long Nine (7:59)
Former Alderman Herm Senor (15:19)
Sam's Monologue June 4th (20:46)
John Carrigan D-Day 75th Anniversary (16:01)
State Rep. Tim Butler (21:53)
Amanda Johnson, Memorial Medical Center Foundation (11:27)
Illinois Coal Assn's Phil Gonet (33:50)
Sam Monologue June 3rd/close of legislative session (27:14)
Little Flower Heritage Days (33:56)
Sam's Monologue and More May 31st (37:03)
Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettlekamp (9:48)
Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry (9:48)
Sam's Opening Monologue May 30th (25:26)
Italian Open Golf Outing (10:35)
Levitt Amp Concert Series Kickoff (5:46)
Sangamon County Student of the Year Zaire Harris (12:33)
Jim Ruppert Reflects on Bill Buckner (12:07)
Gus Gordon and Craig McFarland, Springfield Muni (13:59)
Illinois Chamber of Commerce Pres/CEO Todd Maisch (4:44)
State Senator Andy Manar (20:00)
Sam's Monologue May 28th (21:35)
Neuhoff's Mike Hulvey talks Indy 500 (10:08)
State Rep. Tim Butler (38:33)
Fox Sports Midwest Host Scott Warmann (11:30)
Tyler Diers Illinois Chamber of Commerce (9:47)
Alderman Kris Theilen (16:24)
UIS Baseball Coach Chris Ramirez (9:06)
The Suvartukas Folk Dance Ensemble of Plunge, Lithuania (14:02)
Web.com Tour Golfer Vince Covello & Kate Peters (11:34)
Pridefest (12:50)
Sam, Bryan Groves and Steve Brown (15:41)
St. Rep Mike Zalewski (9:11)
Sheriff Jack Campbell (10:07)
Sam's Tuesday Monologue (21:14)
Old Capitol Art Fair (6:56)
Chicago Cubs Pres. of Business Operations Crane Kenney (11:29)
Star Village's Dameon Johnson (17:58)
Fat Ass 5K (14:38)
Fat Ass 5K (14:38)
Sam's Monologue May 10th (23:54)
Lake Springfield Marina Owner Scott Tucker (15:11)
Green Family Stores' Rachel Buraski (6:15)
Chris Wills Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library/Museum (7:32)
Dr. Gregory Brandt SIU School of Medicine (7:59)
Illinois Natural Resources Director Colleen Callahan (15:10)
Joseph Baar Topinka (13:30)
Sam's Monologue May 8th (23:09)
Darin Dame Springfield Hotels and Lodging (11:47)
Springfield Tourism Chief Scott Dahl (8:12)
State tourism chief Jan Kemmerling (11:28)
Jeff Berg Visit Springfield (6:29)
Visit Springfield's Amy Beadle (14:06)
Sam Monologue May 3rd (17:48)
Author Taylor Pensoneau (10:32)
Bobby Orr and Bob Vose (14:36)
Illinois Horse Racing official Tim Norman (5:39)
Illinois Revenue Chief David Harris (6:00)
State Fair Manager Kevin Gordon (10:43)
Corn Dog Kickoff (9:38)
State Ag Director John Sullivan (9:31)
Sam['s Monologue 4/30 (21:01)
Springfield Civic Garden Club (14:27)
Springfield School Bd Member Micah Miller (11:51)
Springfield Park District Police Chief Limey Nargelenas (22:02)
Blood Brothers (8:18)
Bill Fleischli, IL Petroleum Marketers (22:07)
Basket of Hope Trivia Night (5:58)
Tony Leone & Carolyn Harmon Talk Horseshoes in New Bo (26:26)
Sam's Monologue 4/24 (22:40)
Sam's Monologue 4/23 (21:06)
Fat Ass 5K (9:47)
Sam's Monologue April 22nd (24:36)
Former AM Springfield Newsman John "Harris" Herath (21:24)
Sam's Monologue April 12th (26:16)
Sue Davsko (4:10)
Sam's Monologue April 10th (19:12)
Sam's Monologue (19:10)
Springfield Sports HOF Lesa Schaive & Jim Ruppert (16:36)
Boys and Girls Club (7:16)
Comptroller Susana Mendoza (13:52)
Sangamon Co Clerk Don Gray (5:32)
Sam's Monologue April 4th (20:40)
Election Night "Post Game Show" (1:33:49)
Springfield Election Results (4:48)
Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray (5:26)
Sam's Monologue Mar 29th (18:59)
Comedian Alex Ortiz is coming to Donnie B's (5:23)
IL State Military Museum Curator Bill Lear (6:10)
Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder (10:04)
Illinois Chamber's Todd Maisch talks road funding (11:31)
Sam's Monologue March 28th (23:09)
Sam's Monologue (25:09)
Mayoral candidate Frank Edwards (21:47)
Christine Stedman (4:32)
Cast of Springfield High production of Mamma Mia (7:42)
Coach Ken Leonard reflects on the life of Ted Wise (7:37)
Sam's Monologue March 18th (30:27)
Lincoln Memories at the Alley Bi (1:27:23)
Sam's Monologue March 13th (24:14)
Springfield Public Works Director Mark Mahoney (18:43)
Rep. Allen Skillicorn (9:18)
Mini O'Beirne Crisis Nursery (9:52)
Longtime Network Knowledge CEO Dr. Jerold Gruebel (20:14)
Businessman and auto biz icon Todd Green (21:47)
Hopeful Futures Gala (8:24)
Illinois St Military Museum hosts WWI event (13:51)
Illinois Policy Institute's Adam Schuster (8:40)
State Senator Bill Brady (23:19)
State Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich (16:39)
House Minority Leader Jim Durkin (12:44)
Author Alex Berenson (10:51)
Springfield Clinic's Dr. Dmitri Shuster (11:27)
Reisch Beer Returns (22:52)
SHG Mostacolli Dinner (3:07)
Hickory Point Bank (5:03)
DSI's Lisa Clemmons Stott and State Sen Andy Manar (10:53)
Sangamon Co Board Chmn Andy Van Meter & Catie Sheehan (5:48)
Illinois Products Expo (7:42)
Todd Maisch chats with Rebecca Mason, Hannah Meisel (16:13)
Congressman Darin LaHood (8:56)
Ameren's Richard Mark (10:41)
St Sen Steve McClure (9:51)
Todd Maisch IL Chamber (16:33)
State Rep. Mike Murphy (9:11)
Gus Gordon visits with Todd Maisch (9:46)
IL Chamber CEO Todd Maisch (5:57)
Southeast Hoops Coach Lawrence Thomas (8:17)
State Senator Scott Bennett (9:41)
Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs (29:48)
Interim Ag Director John Sullivan (12:06)
Springfield Schools Supt Jennifer Gill (1:12:16)
Lt Governor Julianna Stratton (14:46)
Steve Brown from Speaker Madigan's Office (16:16)
Mayor Jim Langfelder (19:09)
Memorial Med Ctr Foun Ex Dir. Melissa Hansen Schmadeke (7:48)
Author Maria Libri-Sigle (13:54)
Sam's Monologue Feb 11th (24:26)
Author Maria Libri-Sigle (13:54)
St Senator Jill Tracy (14:02)
Sam's Monologue Feb 12th (26:19)
IL Chamber of Commerce Pres/CEO Todd Maisch (9:42)
Chicago Trib columnist Rick Pearson (7:48)
Prairie St Bank Pres. Joe Hardy (15:55)
Political analyst Tim MacAnarney (19:11)
Sam's Monologue Feb 7 (22:00)
Dr. George Barber, Greenville U. Basketball Coach (13:05)
HCI Alternatives Chris Stone (18:29)
Congressman Rodney Davis SOTU React (6:09)
Price is Right contestant Drew Peterson (9:00)
SHG Teacher/Author Linda "L.K. Smith" (8:03)
Springfield Fire Chief Allen Reyne (11:15)
Sangamon Co States Atty Dan Wright (14:57)
County Circuit Clerk Paul Palazzolo (6:32)
Sam's Monologue Feb 4 (30:34)
CBS Sports' Kevin Breheny (22:37)
Senator Dick Durbin (14:23)
State Senator Andy Manar (19:08)
Sam Madonia Monologue (24:29)
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (12:08)
City Engineer Nate Bottom (11:41)
Sangamon/Menard Co Crimestoppers Trivia (14:55)
Tony Leone (17:26)
Girl Scout Cookies Return (6:29)
Kathy Luelling, UCP Land of Lincoln (9:13)
Comedian James Yon (5:05)
Sam's Monologue and Tom Marantz (36:06)
Springfield Schools Supt Jennifer Gill (13:53)
C-Span's Ashley Hill (0:22)
Monica Guerrant American Lung Assn (6:46)
Chris Wills Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library/Museum (7:52)
State Senator Steve McClure (12:27)
Joe and Sue Regan/Winterfreeze Chili Cookoff (5:48)
UIS Chancellor Susan Koch and her husband Dennis Koch (21:33)
Comedian Steve Kramer (9:20)
Athletic Directors talk City Tourney (0:32)
Sam's Monologue Jan. 16th (23:51)
Michele Reavy City Tourney Food Drive (25:48)
Jim Ruppert and Lesa Schaive Springfield Sports HOF (19:55)
Reisch Beer Returns (20:34)
State Rep. Mike Murphy (8:48)
RD Lawrence Company Discusses Coliseum Restoration (16:01)
St. Rep Tim Butler (15:20)
Alderman Joe McMenamin (19:07)
Illini Central Hoops Coach Tony Wherley (11:00)
Downtown Springfield Inc's Lisa Clemmons Stott (7:22)
Bears Super Bowl Champ and Color Man Tom Thayer (12:58)
SMTD's Steve Schoeffel (13:08)
Tim Schweitzer, Lu Lu's and More (13:00)
Steve Brown (31:39)
Voice of the Bears Jeff Joniak (13:05)
Char Shallow with Komen (5:00)
Retired Ag Director Ray Poe (10:51)
Former Alderman/Outgoing State Tourism Chief Cory Jobe (15:28)
UIS Basketball Coach Bill Walker and Player/Son Vince (7:26)
Cubs Announcer Pat Hughes (13:04)
Sam's Monologue 12/21 (20:47)
Springfield Tourism Boss Scott Dahl (14:22)
Sam's Monologue December 14th (23:22)
Sam's Monologue and Geoff Isringhausen (38:07)
Sam Monologue Dec 12 (21:55)
Sam's Monologue Dec. 11 (21:15)
County Treasurer Joe Aiello (7:59)
Congressman Darin LaHood (9:30)
Sam's Monologue Dec 10 (20:48)
Taylorville continues to recover from a tornado (11:37)
Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti (16:54)
Dennis Brasier (9:30)
Former Sec of Transportation Ray LaHood (11:34)
Sam's Monologue Dec 6th (26:06)
Sam's December 5th monologue (18:28)
Downtown Springfield Inc's Lisa Clemmons Stott (4:16)
SJR Political analyst Bernie Schoenburg (38:44)
Former CWLP Chief Phil Gonet (6:13)
Sam's December 3rd monologue (20:54)
Governor Elect J.B. Pritzker (13:11)
Sam's monologue (15:43)
Congressman Rodney Davis (11:24)
Ed McHenry (6:44)
City Budget Chief Bill McCarty (10:28)
John Stremsterfer Community Foundation Land of Lincoln (7:30)
State Rep. Tim Butler (21:15)
Senator Dick Durbin (18:28)
Sam's Monologue 11/19 (19:49)
Butch Elzea (20:16)
SIU School of Medicine marks Rural Health Day (12:22)
Springfield Muni announces 2019 shows (4:15)
Festival of Trees (9:22)
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (7:02)
SIU System Interim President J. Kevin Dorsey (11:10)
Governor Jim Edgar (13:40)
UIS Professor Emeritus Kent Redfield (22:43)
Charlie Palazzolo and Sam Montablano talk Veterans Day (7:26)
UIS Basketball Coach Bill Walker (6:25)
2018 Election in Review (51:27)
Sam's Monologue 11/6 (22:51)
Chicago Tribune/WGN Analyst Rick Pearson (11:25)
Sec of State Jesse White (5:22)
Sangamon Co Clerk Don Gray/Treasurer Tom Kavanaugh (8:42)
Washington Panthers coach Darrell Crouch (9:38)
Sangamon Co Admin Brian McFadden (20:14)
First Lady Diana Rauner (6:36)
Illinois Times Reporter Bruce Rushton (10:12)
Democratic Gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker (10:32)
Sam's Monologue 10/29/18 (25:21)
Drag racer turned youth driver advocate Doug Herbert (13:48)
Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin (7:57)
Sams Monologue 1026 (18:33)
Sister Marilyn Jean Runkel with the Faith Coalition (11:34)
99th St Rep candidate Marc Bell (7:01)
Sheriff candidate Jack Campbell (7:52)
Bill McCarty (3:10)
Sams Monologue from BOS (23:00)
Governor Bruce Rauner (17:10)
David Platt Sangamon Valley Youth Symphony/Civic Orches (14:12)
Tim McAnarney (25:48)
Springfield Evening Rotary Citrus Sale (8:43)
Downtown Springfield Inc's Lisa Clemmons Stott (13:06)
Former Springfield Alderman Bill Clutter (19:21)
Jim and Josh Langfelder, Misty Buscher (9:33)
SHG Shopapalooza (6:58)
Jerry Curry with the Mary Bryant Home (13:19)
Dr. Jack Pfeiffer (13:50)
Governor Bruce Rauner (9:00)
Petersburg's Emily Hough of the Voice (10:18)
Sam's Monologue (20:16)
St. Katharine Drexell Feastival (6:47)
Congressman Rodney Davis (12:56)
State Senator Andy Manar (10:56)
Taste of Sangamon County (9:06)
Memorial Medical Center's Super Survivors (10:24)
One Sangamon Schools (9:51)
Springfield Marathon (9:22)
SIU Medicine sees restored funding for Alzheimers progr (5:02)
Sam's Tuesday Monologue (21:28)
Educational Center for Visually Impaired's Peggy Dyson (10:04)
Muni Mayhem (12:29)
Outgoing St. Johns President and Ceo Charles Lucore (7:52)
Sam's Monologue October 3rd (23:53)
Sam's Monologue October 2nd (18:02)
Sam's Monologue October 4th (24:14)
State Rep Tim Butler (26:26)
Sam's "monologue" (24:52)
Sam breaks down the issues of the day (21:31)
Alderman Chuck Redpath (19:31)
Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray (24:09)
SangamonLink's Mike Kienzler (19:17)
Great Springfield Chamber CEO Chris Hembrough (19:46)
SIU Route 66 (6:07)
Rochester Coach Derek Leonard (4:09)
SHG Coach Ken Leonard (9:47)
Congressman Rodney Davis (7:33)
Sam's Monologue 9/20 (19:12)
Chicago Bears spokesman Matt Simeone (8:53)
Ward 8 Aldermanic candidate Dean Graven (12:53)
UIS Professor Emeritus, Author & Adventurer Joe Wilkins (21:23)
Sangamon Co Deputy Coroner Jim Allmon (18:33)
Dr. Sameer Vohra (15:47)
Dr. Dave Groesch and Terry Farmer, K of C 364 (10:39)
Jim Ruppert and Lesa Schaive Springfield Sports HOF (16:30)
Jay Leno (15:05)
Crimestoppers LRS Hangar Party (14:29)
SHG Coach Ken Leonard (4:00)
Pete Gegen -STEM Fair (7:21)
Sandy Baksys and visitors from Lithuania (10:25)
Hanson Professional Services Railroad Relocation (1:15:19)
SOB Festival (16:19)
Sangamon Mass Transit District expands service (7:58)
Asst State's Atty Robin Schmidt (14:17)
Sister Mary Jo Sobieck (12:06)
Springfield Bicycle Club (8:05)
Tony Leone (10:02)
Old Capitol Blues and BBQ (9:19)
State Senate candidate Seth McMillan (13:20)
Alderman Joe McMenamin (19:00)
Former Springfield Mayor Frank Edwards (25:43)
Racer Kelly Kovski (4:50)
Comptroller Susana Mendoza (8:31)
Democratic Gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker (5:55)
Democratic Party Exec Dir Christian Mitchell (6:17)
State Senator Andy Manar (4:21)
State Treasurer Michael Frerichs (5:47)
Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti (8:53)
Senator Dick Durbin/South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigie (11:34)
Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady (9:04)
Governor Bruce Rauner (9:42)
Congressman Rodney Davis & State Fair Mgr Luke Sailer (17:37)
Sam's State Fair Opening Day Broadcast (1:34:19)
Michelle Ramlow, Alzheimer's Association (12:01)
Springfield Tourism Director Scott Dahl (15:55)
Alderman Chuck Redpath (19:25)
Governor's Mansion Broadcast (52:00)
Melissa Wade, St. John's Oncology Director (15:59)
Springfield Schools Superintendent Jennifer Gill (18:35)
Illinois Humanities' Paul Durica (6:50)
SHG Coach Ken Leonard (24:28)
Sam's Wednesday Monologue (21:44)
Cast of Annie (12:00)
Taylor Pensoneau and Mark DePue (28:27)
Rochester Supt Lance Thurman (9:19)
Congressman Rodney Davis (10:19)
Butch Elzea, Pat Phalen and Dave Brahler (15:39)
Adam Lopez and Doris Turner (5:25)
Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Pearson (15:53)
Mike and Charlie Palazzolo/Honor Flight Fundraiser (4:59)
Alderman Andrew Proctor (12:14)
UIS Political Science Professor Emeritus Kent Redfield (36:25)
Rochtester track legend Josh Cable (23:10)
Back to the City (9:34)
Back to the City (9:34)
Peacekeepers Ride (11:57)
Erica Smith with Helping Hands (14:32)
Kidzeum (12:02)
Fifth Street Ren/SARA Center (11:04)
Chatham Sweetcorn Festival (9:09)
Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady (10:11)
Illinois Manufacturer's Pres/CEO Greg Baise (7:23)
Illinois State Dental Society (19:25)
Lincoln Land Economic Development CEO (13:04)
Bob Ridings (14:31)
Dr. Sean McCaffrey (8:58)
Sherman Mayor Trevor Clatfelter (12:03)
Run United 5K (11:24)
Muni Production of Legally Blonde (12:16)
First Lady Diana Rauner (4:47)
Sam Talks About the City Council Decision on Homeless (25:16)
John Cafferty (15:25)
Amaranth Apple Festival (15:00)
Mayor Jim Langfelder (23:55)
State Representative David McSweeney (11:29)
Sam's Monologue 7/6/18 (25:32)
Congressman Rodney Davis (16:29)
St Rep. Juliana Stratton (12:35)
UIS Baseball Coach Chris Ramirez (15:33)
Departing McDonald's franchisees Steve & Karen Jeffers (15:16)
Developer turned body developer Mike Suhadolnik (25:05)
Dr. Erik Constance (25:02)
St Representative candidate Dillon Clark (5:52)
Springfield Fire Capt. Jim Price (16:59)
Sam's "Monologue" 7/2/18 (19:23)
Sam's birthday monologue (17:33)
PGA Web.com Tour Golfer Maverick McNealy (9:11)
CWLP Chief Utilities Engineer Doug Brown (10:07)
Congressional candidate Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (11:11)
State Senator Andy Manar (17:57)
Tom Madonia Sr. Golf Outing (10:36)
Downtown Springfield Inc's Lisa Clemmons Stott (12:41)
Muni Production of Sister Act (6:38)
Chicagoland Speedway's Scott Paddock (6:37)
Local merchant Mike Pittman (23:26)
Sam's Monologue (19:44)
Springfield Walk to Defeat ALS (8:03)
Capital City Car Club (10:10)
St. Rep Jay Hoffman (10:56)
Congressman Rodney Davis (14:21)
Author Cheryl Eichar Jet talks Route 66 (27:27)
Congressman Darin LaHood (7:43)
Illinois State Fair's Morgan Booth (6:34)
Governor Bruce Rauner (10:52)
Long Nine's Michael Briggs and Quinn Naugle (10:45)
Memorial Medical Center's Tiffany Lowers (9:37)
Former Sheriff Neil Williamson (18:27)
Speaker Madigan's Spokesman Steve Brown (13:30)
Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti (9:33)
St. Rep Avery Bourne (9:49)
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki (16:00)
ChicagoLand Speedway President Scott Paddock (8:13)
Muni Production of Little Shop of Horrors (9:08)
Springfield McDonalds Operator Mike McGraw (13:08)
Illinois Innocence Project's John Hanlon (13:05)
Sherman Mayor Trevor Clatfelter (6:34)
Indianapolis 500 guru Mike Hulvey (14:35)
St Fair MGR Luke Sailer/St Fair Foundation John Slayton (12:20)
Former Springfield Mayor Frank Edwards (14:29)
Former Auditor General William Holland (11:06)
Kart Racer and Indy 500 spotter Rick Fulks (24:27)
Retiring Lincoln Land Professor John Roberts (20:37)
Henson Robinson Zoo Director John Wright (11:55)
Author Taylor Pensoneau (29:26)
Congressman Darin LaHood (5:13)
Madigan Spokesman Steve Brown (20:39)
Mark Mcdonald of WSEC (18:50)
Vegas legend Todd Fuhrman (15:03)
Rupnik discusses the return of Pasta House. (9:06)
Sangamon Co Deputy Coroner Jim Allmon (15:04)
Sam's Friday Monologue (18:02)
Fat Ass 5K (21:00)
Jerry and Mary Jo Curry with Mary Bryant Home (11:08)
Joseph Baar Topinka (16:03)
Susana Mendoza (8:03)
Sam Thursday Monologue (18:15)
Sam Tuesday Monologue (16:55)
Saputo's Celebrates 70 Years (34:37)
Sam's Monday Monologue (25:27)
Saputos legend Mike Coffey Sr. (4:20)
Chrissy Maher and Kim Johnson, Fat Ass 5K (9:22)
New Springfield Fire Division Chiefs (16:32)
SIU Sch of Med's Sameer Vohra (7:10)
Sangamon Co Admin Brian McFadden (15:46)
Springfield High production of Footloose (9:43)
IT Reporter Bruce Rushton (10:51)
Alderman Kris Thielen (10:25)
State Senator Andy Manar (8:35)
Robin and Johnny Schmidt (8:54)
Central Illinois Notre Dame Club (10:02)
Abraham Lincoln/Museum Director Alan Lowe (11:40)
Primo Designs Len Naumovich (15:40)
Grand Army of Republic Museum reopens (18:51)
Thoroughly Modern Millie SHG (8:42)
AP Statehouse Bureau Chief John O'Connor (19:00)
BOS' Jake Erickson is ready for the links (10:22)
UIS Baseball Coach Chris Ramirez (14:43)
Springfield City Treasurer Misty Buscher (13:29)
Abraham Lincoln/Museum Director Alan Lowe (4:00)
BOS crew recaps college hoops championship (18:25)
Robert Burns (23:10)
College hoops legend Dick Vitale (10:33)
ESPN's Tim Kurkjian visits with Jim Rupert (14:21)
Retired Secret Service Agent Clint Hill (13:25)
Sam's Monologue 3/1/17 (17:20)
Legendary pitcher Tommy John (15:31)
Senator Dick Durbin (13:39)