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Podcast Category
Morning Animals78 episodes available
Monsters of the Midday239 episodes available
The Afternoon Sports Beat100 episodes available
Total Dominance Hour5 episodes available
Dominant Duo22 episodes available
Inside Sports with Al Eschbach18 episodes available
Sports Morning1146 episodes available
Matt Pinto's Thunder Full Court Press24 episodes available
The High School Spotlight Show18 episodes available
High School Football7 episodes available
Podcast Title
High School Spotlight 3-6 (48:41)
Al and Jim with Mike Stoops 11-28 (12:29)
OSU Practice Report 9-9 (9:49)
OSU Practice Report 9-9 (9:49)
OU Practice Report 9-7 (10:43)
OU Practice Report 8-28 (17:23)
OSU Practice Report 8-21 (9:31)
Jahlil Okafor with Al 4/14 (4:40)
Bob Stoops (17:31)
Carolina Panthers TE Greg Olsen (10:27)
Brian Bosworth on Total Dominance 10/23 (21:30)
Bob Stoops 8/27 (14:20)
Al and Jim Argue About Scott Brooks (8:28)
Gregg Marshall on Total Dominance 4/14 (5:27)
Bob Stoops w/ Dominant Duo 3/6 (14:55)
Gus Malzahn (12:14)
Mike Stoops (15:07)
Bob Stoops (13:37)
Nick Collison w/ Jim and Al 8/12 (11:11)
Greg Gumbel with Dominant Duo 6/19 (15:54)
Jim & David Ubben (13:09)
Jim Traber and Pedro Gomez (16:05)