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February 4 2015 (32:53)
February 4 2015 (37:56)
February 3 2015 (34:25)
February 3 2015 (33:39)
February 2 2015 (39:32)
February 2 2015 (39:14)
Greg on Tesla Cars and the Taliban (27:42)
Greg on Superballs and Sin Tax Hike (35:19)
Limit Traffic Enforcement? (11:57)
Greg on Streetcar Money and NY Police Shooting (35:33)
Greg on Red Light Cam Ban and Deflate-Gate (35:32)
Summer Knapp (11:23)
Greg on American Sniper (38:17)
Greg on a Girls Basketball Coach Running Up the Score (36:29)
Greg on Football and George Soros (36:58)
Greg on Parental Neglect (14:21)
Greg on the State of the State (35:51)
Greg on his Daughters Book and Free Speech (32:58)
Greg on Civil Rights Homework and Net Neutrality (32:51)
Greg on Radical Islam and MO Guns (34:12)
Death by Robot? (35:43)
Greg on some in France cheering terrorists (35:09)
Greg on Keystone XL (39:10)
Greg on Ferguson Police Chief (32:14)
Greg on Min Wage in KS (12:07)
Greg on Free College and Terror in France (39:14)
Greg on the Belfie and Drinking Human Waste (39:37)
Greg on KS Schools and Robots (38:37)
Greg on MO Highway Speeds (11:06)
Safest Year Ever? (12:22)
Greg on Lower KC Crime Rate (37:39)
Greg on KS Education Spending (35:03)
Greg on AirAsia and MO Political Ads (37:25)
Greg on AirAsia Crash and Sony Hack (18:23)
Greg on Missouri Cigarette Taxes (11:56)
Obama Lifts The Cuba Embargo (11:52)
We Lost The First Cyber War (11:00)
Greg on Missouri Tuition Support & Mindfulness (10:58)
Greg on Robots Taking Jobs (12:50)
Greg on Pleasant Valley Officer Shooting (34:05)
Greg on Sandy Hook Suing and KC Crime (34:08)
The KS Budget and City Council Misconduct (42:44)
Greg on the CIA Report (35:22)
Greg on Gruber and New Michael Brown Evidence (37:35)
Greg on Banning Plastic Bags (9:38)
Greg on New MO Gun Laws (10:23)
Greg on Legality for Obama's Immigration Order (12:18)
New MO Traffic Laws (31:30)
Top Paid Musicians of All Time (8:50)
Greg on Homeland Security Committee Meeting (32:33)
Greg on Ferguson Riots (16:12)
Greg on Drug Testing Welfare (19:19)
Greg on Obamacare and Free Speech (11:50)
Greg on the Ferguson Decision (35:47)
Chris Butler on Immigration (12:47)
Greg on Obama's Immigration Plan (19:17)
Major Neill Franklin on Marijuana Legalization (13:14)
Greg on Nixon's Handling of Ferguson (32:31)
Henry and Tom Bloch (9:13)
Greg on Gruber's Voter Comments (10:45)
Greg on Obama's New Immigration Plan (16:24)
Greg on Fast Food Workers (10:41)
WW1 Museum Volunteer Bob Dutton (10:31)
WW1 Volunteer Dennis Cross (6:41)
Greg on being late for work (3:42)
Greg on the Belin Wall (4:36)
Lis Wiehl and Kris Kobach (12:39)
Last Night's Results (17:34)
Huge Wins for Republicans (37:43)
Dan Holler from Heritage Action for America (11:36)
Pat Roberts (14:53)
Election Day 2014 (31:37)
Sam Brownback (12:44)
Greg on Voter Fraud (11:06)
Milton Wolf on Endorsing Pat Roberts (7:49)
Rick Santorum (12:29)
Greg on Catcalls (15:36)
Greg on KC Violence (8:42)
Mark Steyn (15:29)
Sam Brownback (13:49)
Greg on WH jumper, Royals Win, and Canada attack (13:15)
A KC Pantie Raid (8:49)
Greg on the Royals Loss and Ebola Travel Ban (19:55)
Greg on Mid Term Voter Fraud (12:56)
Greg on Assimilated Technology (14:15)
Keen Umbehr (11:12)
Chris Butler on Apply Pay (15:21)
Do you live in Craphole KS? (11:23)
Greg on Political Gifts (8:57)
Is Ebola in KC? (15:30)
Jim Gilchrist, Minuteman Project (11:34)
Dr Ben Carson (13:20)
Greg on Assisted Suicide (10:24)
KrisAnn Hall (8:35)
Jimmy Akin from Catholic.com (9:04)
Jack Cashill (14:10)
Greg on KC Ebola and STL Protests (31:51)
Sen Jerry Moran (14:14)
Dr Michael Savage (13:28)
Penalized for Muslim Prayer (27:00)
Gene Simmons (6:12)
Greg on Mass Shootings and Darren Wilson Support (15:24)
Sidney Powell on Holder Resignation (8:56)
Palin for Roberts (11:21)
James Schuls on Common Core (15:39)
Greg on Apple's Cashless System (13:28)
MO State Auditor Tom Schweich (16:22)
Greg on MU Sexual Assult (15:01)
Suspended Over a Shell Casing (11:03)
Greg on Male and Female Fight (13:13)
Greg on College Sexual Assult (15:33)
FBI Policing the Police (31:03)
New Benghazi Bombshell (16:03)
Greg on KC Street Harassment (10:35)
Greg on Bill Maher's Radical Islam Comments (12:32)
Greg on Chad Taylor Ballot Drama (25:20)
MO Sen Will Kraus on SB 656 (7:19)
Kevin Jamison on MO Gun Laws (10:52)
Greg on Obama Taking Us to War (16:31)
Steve Almond is Against Football (17:20)
Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes? (11:22)
Greg on Ray Rice and Domestic Abuse (33:32)
Greg on an Officer Shooting and Self-Driving Car (10:30)
Kris Kobach (15:42)
Andrew Langer (11:05)
Greg on Obama's ISIS Comments (12:24)
Greg on Transgendered Driver's License Photo (11:38)
Greg on Alien Children and Hoarding Money (30:27)
Greg on Nude Celeb Photos (12:15)
Greg on Labor Unions (15:36)
Greg on MO Troopers (14:57)
Greg on Cell Data (9:06)
Chris Butler on Gold and Stocks (11:46)
Obama Has No Strategy for ISIS (21:15)
Hillary Talks Ferguson (21:15)
Acquitted Killer? (9:41)
Greg Hallgrimson (11:41)
New Audio of the Michael Brown Shooting (13:05)
Greg on Breastfeeding in Public (16:44)
Kris Kobach on Tax Returns (16:35)
Chris Butler on BoA Settlement (13:12)
MO House Speaker Tim Jones (13:08)
Greg on Obama Golfing (15:25)
Greg on Meds and Google Car Speeding (10:50)
Greg on Nixon's Charged Comments (16:05)
Greg with an Angry Ferguson Caller (14:27)
Body Cams for All Police? (15:45)
KCFD and PD Feud (19:30)
Greg on Transgenders and Paying to Vote (11:30)
Greg on the Michael Bown Autopsy (34:51)
Greg on Congress and Charles Manson (13:47)
The Latest from Ferguson (33:40)
Greg on Google Spying (8:00)
Colin Flaherty (10:54)
Does KU have a Rape Problem? (13:04)
Greg on Robin Williams' Death (6:12)
Greg on the Furgeson Riots (15:17)
Greg on Unaccompanied Alien Children without Receipts (9:16)
Greg on STL Police Shooting (20:40)
Greg on Bondage Taught in Middle School (12:45)
Greg on Iraqui Christians and Vacation Dilemmas (20:00)
Greg on the Primary Elections (20:09)
BBQ expert, Meathead Goldwyn (38:44)
Ban Headdresses from Arrowhead? (36:26)
Can you leave a kid in the car? (36:17)
Milton Wolf (11:54)
Greg on Obama Impeachment (10:08)
Greg on Obama in KC (15:47)
US Senator Jerry Moran (15:37)
Greg on the MO Transportation Tax Question (10:56)
Greg on Hamas' Ultimate Goal (10:16)
Greg on the KC VA Hospital Denying Service (16:49)
Is KCI a Hub for Terror Travel? (10:26)
Milton Wolf (13:30)
Ken Cuccinelli (13:19)
Sean Covey (8:42)
Greg on Obamacare Court Rulings (9:57)
MO Rep Sheila Solon on Jackson Co Gun Laws (13:34)
Greg's Big Announcement (10:22)
Greg on Pat Roberts Debate Promise (14:05)
Greg on Daytona Dad and Casey Kasem (9:06)
Greg on Obama's Response to the Malaysian Crash (12:23)
Professor Ed Turzanski (14:56)
Can you Get Arrested for Letting Your Kid Play Outside? (16:38)
How Tough Is It To Cancel Internet? (8:46)
Greg on Doing Too Much for Kids (10:55)
Smelling something bad is good for you? (6:37)
Greg on the VA Scandal (10:04)
State Sen Will Kraus (11:45)
Greg on Media Bias Accusation (16:24)
Senate Candidate, Greg Orman (9:37)
Greg on Superman Hates Kids (9:48)
Greg on Hot Car Death (11:30)
Reaction to the Pat Roberts Interview (10:54)
US Senator Pat Roberts (15:26)
Greg on US World Cup Loss (13:56)
Joshua Hawley (13:20)
Greg on Hobby Lobby Ruling (12:43)
US Senator Jerry Moran (14:54)
Greg on the World Cup and STL Gay Marriage (13:42)
MO House Leader John Diehl (10:58)
Greg on Chiefs Name Change? (10:46)
Greg on IRS Law Breaking (10:02)
Matt Naylor, WW1 Museum (6:11)
Sindey Powell, Licensed to Lie (13:46)
Milton Wolf (10:27)
MO Sen Rob Schaaf (10:36)
Greg on his 94 Camry (14:42)
Dinesh D'Souza (11:25)
Greg on the Redskins Patent (15:41)
Greg on MO Transportation Tax (12:02)
Greg on Open Carry (17:53)
June 16, 2014 (13:03)
June 16, 2014 (11:14)
June 16, 2014 (12:29)
June 9, 2014 (6:09)
June 9, 2014 (4:01)
June 9, 2014 (11:31)
June 9, 2014 (11:28)
Greg on the Backlash to the Bergdahl Release (17:24)
Dr. Ben Carson (11:26)
Greg on the Taliban POW Trade (11:11)
Chris Butler on the Shrinking Economy (9:30)
Greg on Maya Angelou's Faith (4:34)
Greg on Obama's Prep Plan (7:14)
John Guandolo (15:20)
Greg on Active Shooter Training (13:31)
Gloria Rudd (7:51)
Chris Butler on H1B Visa Myths, GM Recalls (12:04)
Rhonda Britten 'Fearless Living' (9:02)
Greg on Marco Rubio and the "Pot Question" (11:44)
Greg on MO Food Stamps and Charity Junk Mail (9:13)
Caller Reacts to Greg's Stance (12:27)
Negative Response to Greg's Lesbian Firing Segment (13:17)
Greg on the Chatholic Church Firing a Lesbian (12:09)
Greg U.S. Military Involvement in Nigera (11:32)
Bob Dole (9:57)
Greg on Missouri Common Core (9:15)
Greg on Transgendered Raytown Student (9:06)
Greg on Kidnapped Nigerian Girls (13:10)
Greg on KC Smoking Ban (12:57)
Greg on Drunk Driver's Easy Sentence (10:28)
Greg on Student Put in Handcuffs (9:29)
Greg on Benghazi Smoking Gun (16:02)
KS Secretary of Revenue Nick Jordan (14:43)
Greg on Donald Sterling Force to Sell Team (11:13)
MO Rep Doug Funderburk (12:58)
Rachel Cruze (5:56)
Greg on NBA Owners' Racist Comments (15:44)
Greg on License Plate Readers (15:48)
Dan Coyle (9:36)
Greg on Islamic Outrage Over 9/11 Museum (11:05)
MO Sen Rob Schaaf (13:39)
Greg on a MO Mayor that Agrees with the JCC Shooter (10:29)
Greg on a Sebelius Senate Run (10:14)
Greg on Teacher Tenure (14:10)
Greg on Russians Buzzing Our Navy (13:10)
Greg on a Junk Food Ban (9:31)
Greg on the Jewish Community Center Shooting (14:44)
Greg on Autism Lines at Disney World (7:33)
Greg on Colbert Replacing Letterman (4:11)
Chris Butler on the Market Tanking and Working Too Hard (10:32)
Greg on Sebelius Resigning (10:40)
Greg on KC Potholes and Independence Crime (13:14)
Mat Staver on the Pelletier Case (12:41)
How To Get Out of a Speeding Ticket (6:35)
Greg on Two Movies - One Christian, One Muslim (10:06)
Chris Butler on High Frequency Trading (13:27)
Greg on Tharpe's Naked Selfie (11:25)
Cal Thomas (8:12)
Greg on the GM Controversy (8:40)
Greg on a Font Saving Millions (9:46)
Greg on a Black-Only Field Trip (13:12)
Greg on Emotional MO Pot Story (13:28)
Greg on the Obamacare Deadline Delays (11:01)
Greg on All Day Kindergarten (8:54)
Josh Hawley Hobby Lobby Lawyer (11:46)
Greg on Sly James' State of the City Address (10:28)
Roeland Park Mayor Joel Marquardt (15:04)
Greg on Transgender Murder Defense (11:28)
Kris Kobach on Voter ID Court Victory (11:43)
Time To Change MO Amber Alerts? (14:38)
Greg on How Obama Spends His Days (15:36)
Greg on the Shooting at the KC Zoo (17:19)
Is It Time To Pay Athletes? (12:06)
Greg on MO Gun Laws and Brain Implants (9:49)
Greg on the Missing Malaysian Jet (13:02)
Greg on the Government Forcing Compliance (7:46)
MO Rep Chris Kelly on Recreational Pot Bill (13:22)
Greg on MO Funeral Protest Law (9:53)
Greg on the New Surgeon General Nominee (10:16)
Dan Boulware on Government Flooding Land (10:39)
Jim DeMint from CPAC (13:32)
Greg on MO Teachers Getting Shot At (10:48)
Seth Cropsey on Russia/Ukraine (11:50)
Greg on NM Refusal of Service (9:59)
Greg on KS Prosecuting Teachers (10:08)
Greg on Banning Flag Shirts (11:16)
Greg on the Wyandotte County Commissioner (11:02)
Greg on Rehabbing KCI (8:43)
Greg on Sebelius Lies About Obamacare Enrollment Number (12:37)
Greg on the Poop Car and Designer DNA (13:06)
Dr Milton Wolf on Facebook Posts (14:14)
Greg on More Benghazi Lies (10:53)
Patrick Tuohey on KCI (11:48)
Greg on Women's Hockey and Vending Machines (9:41)
Greg on 'House of Cards' being a reality? (7:22)
Greg on the Olympics (10:57)
MO Rep Mike Moon (12:29)
KS Rep John Rubin (12:27)
Greg on Youth Violence on the Plaza (13:30)
Greg on a School Assignment Against Your Values (9:22)
MO Sen John Lamping on Income Inequality Assignment (12:03)
Greg on Valentine's Day (8:07)
Greg on Michelle Obama's State Dinner Dress (6:31)
Kris Kobach (11:58)
Prof Todd Nesbit on Economic Freedom (12:14)
Greg on Snow Days Hurting the Poor (13:19)
Greg on Obamacare Killing Jobs (11:01)
MO House Speaker Tim Jones on the Border War (12:16)
Greg on Woody Allen Allegations (10:20)
Greg on Coke's Super Bowl Ad (11:20)
Greg on MO Pot Legalization (9:17)
Nelson-Atkins Director, Julián Zugazagoitia (12:07)
Greg on Obama's Minimum Wage Speech (9:22)
Greg on the State of the Union (3:50)
Greg on SMSD Buying Apple Computers (10:56)
Steve Doocy Honored in Kansas (4:19)
Max McLean from 'The Great Divorce' (7:33)
Todd Gilbertson on Eminent Domain (7:32)
Greg on Robots Taking OUR Jobs! (11:44)
Greg on Income Inequality (10:47)
Missouri State Rep Rick Brattin (14:51)
MO House Speaker Tim Jones on Nixon's Speech (12:55)
Greg on a Baker Declining Service (13:34)
Dr. Milton Wolf's health care plan (11:12)
Graeme Gibson on Net Neutrality (14:01)
James Shuls on KCPS (5:27)
Joe Mastriano (12:30)
Greg on Unemployment Benefits (7:02)
Missouri State Rep TJ Berry on Tax Cuts (11:46)
Greg on Obamacare Numbers (13:54)
Greg on Sly James and Guns (10:33)
Greg on Cultural Superiority (11:14)
Greg on Chrysler sold to Fiat (10:53)
Greg on MSNBC (13:29)
Greg on his vacation and Chiefs in the playoffs (13:00)
Greg on Wasteful Government Spending (19:42)
December 13, 2013 (9:49)
December 13, 2013 (12:46)
December 12, 2013 (4:23)
Thursday December 12, 2013 (10:18)
Thursday December 12, 2013 (4:11)
Randy Reed Suing Over Obamacare (11:04)
Greg on the passing of Nelson Mandela (15:04)
Bob Dane on Boehner and Immigration (7:32)
KS Freedom of Speech Violation (10:14)
Colin Flaherty on the Knockout Game (12:30)
The Pope and Capitalism (13:00)
Greg on Red Light Cameras (7:17)
Chris Butler on Bitcoins (12:02)
Greg on Football Fighting (20:46)
Greg on the Chiefs first loss (12:22)
Bob Dan on Immigration Reform (10:18)
An Electronic Throat Tattoo? (9:34)
An End to the Border War (18:31)
November 11, 2013 (4:05)
November 11, 2013 (6:28)
November 11, 2013 (10:47)
Morning Show Friday November 8, 2013 (13:48)
Morning Show Friday November 8, 2013 (8:37)
Morning Show Friday November 8, 2013 (9:42)
Morning Show November 7, 2013 (5:35)
Morning Show - November 7, 2013 (3:38)
Greg on supermarket spying (12:54)
Greg on guns at polling locations (8:27)
Greg on Obama's Insurance Lies (14:44)
Jack Cashill (10:24)
Mike Huckabee (11:09)
Peter Schweizer (11:36)
Chris Butler on Quantitative Easing (10:47)
Greg on Self-Driving Cars (10:36)
Greg on High School Football Bullying (7:05)
Greg on "The Home of the CHIEFS!" (13:42)
Tigers vs Jayhawks (5:21)
Kris Kobach (11:39)
Greg on the 7-0 Chiefs and more fallout for Sebelius (22:39)
US Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS) (17:25)
Greg on Florida convicts and Flamin Cheetos inventor (11:09)
Greg on the end of the government shutdown (10:50)
Travis Mills (10:59)
Greg on problems with welfare (10:31)
Greg and Mitch on the Arrowhead World Record (18:53)
Melanie Austin from MOCSA (9:00)
James Taylor on Ethanol Mandates (10:30)
Stop calling Obama by name? (4:37)
Greg Finch 'Unlimited' (8:22)
Greg on WWII Vets in DC (15:47)
Artist, Jeff Hanson (5:58)
Greg talks Government Shutdown (17:49)
Steve Goreham (9:28)
Greg on Internet Access (12:05)
Kris Kobach (8:58)
Greg defends Ted Cruz's Obamacare speech (11:24)
Marlo Lewis on MO and KS energy costs (10:11)
Col Lee Ellis (9:58)
Royals Hall of Famer, Willie Wilson (15:10)
Greg on 'Students of Color Only" classes (8:03)
Greg on Arrowhead Arrest (11:38)
Kerry Patton on the DC Shooter (8:06)
Greg on Nixon's Tax Veto (15:38)
Patrick Ishmael from the Show-Me Institute (8:07)
Greg on an "Unbelievably Small" Syrian Effort (13:32)
MO House Speaker Tim Jones (13:31)
Greg on KS Food Stamps (13:39)
Greg on Syria and Allahu Akbar (15:58)
MO Rep Doug Funderburk (14:48)
Syria, Crime and Urinal Cakes (11:02)
Greg on fast food protests (15:11)
Greg on the March on Washington anniversary (15:56)
Greg on US Syria involvement (16:53)
Dan Mehan, MO Chamber President (13:16)
Greg on the Obama Rodeo Clown (10:54)
Greg on Syria and Miley Cyrus (11:25)
Greg on Gay Wedding Photog (11:02)
Kris Kobach (13:47)
Greg on Al Gore and Climate Change (12:55)
Greg on the school bus crash near Bonner Springs (11:02)
Reaction to the Lynn Jenkins interview (10:26)
U.S Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) (14:50)
U.S Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO) (6:24)
Greg on leaving the nest (8:12)
Mark Levin (12:59)
Greg on 'The Butler' (14:50)
Is it time to stop tipping? (11:05)
Greg with a Modest Proposal (9:24)
Greg on Oprah in Switzerland (7:44)
Greg on Benghazi missiles (10:36)
Greg on Sugar Creek Speeding Cameras (8:00)
Greg on Transgenders (11:36)
Greg on the Obama Rodeo Clown (12:53)
OPFD Fire Chief Bryan Dehner (9:54)
KC Streetcar Expansion (12:57)
OPFD buying new stoves. (7:00)
Jon Acuff (9:52)
U.S Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO) (14:45)
Greg on Anti-Bullying (11:27)
No MO Sales Tax (12:23)
Do you hear "The Hum?" (5:26)
Greg on Fast Food Min Wage (10:26)
Congressmen Justin Amash (R-MI) and Kevin Yoder (R-KS) (13:11)
Weiner Update! (5:10)
John Murphy from 'Friends of KCI' (10:23)
Greg on Obama in Missouri (16:28)
Greg on Weiner sexting scandal (16:32)
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (10:48)
Greg on Cleaver and the Farm Bill (11:21)
U.S. Sen Roy Blunt (R-MO) (14:20)
Matt Canovi (9:43)
Greg on the Immigration Bill in the House (15:51)
Mark Muller from Max Motors (14:06)
Joanne Kenen on ObamaCare (12:34)
Greg on the Asiana plane crash (10:48)
A gun in the child's room? (12:54)
Greg on MO drivers license privacy (9:15)
James O'Keefe (9:46)
Greg talks about the Memory Pill (8:39)
Greg on the Supreme Court's DOMA ruling (12:47)
Is your cell bill over taxed? (9:34)
Greg on the George Zimmerman trial (12:43)
Greg on the Grand Canyon tightrope walker (6:13)
MO Sen Jolie Justus (11:58)
Greg on Obama's Germany speech (14:05)
Greg talks Obama Phones and Families (10:32)
Kris Kobach (17:02)
Greg on Wyandotte County Illegal Immigration (9:48)
Greg on new gay rights legislation (10:08)
Greg on "pathological altruism" (14:08)
Greg on FBI Director Mueller (18:26)
Greg on Organ Donation (8:54)
Chuck Baldee (6:59)
Greg talks about the government accessing digital data (12:16)
Dr John Jungmann (11:19)
Greg talks about the NSA requesting phone records (11:03)
Sandi Russell owner of Twisted Sisters (14:04)
Water Line Insurance (5:18)
A Morning Show listener switches political party. (6:30)
Mo Representative Vickie Hartzler (12:50)
Brett Myers, Expert in Civil Trial Law (10:03)
The Party Bus Tragedy (10:56)
Patrick Ishmael, Show Me Institute (6:48)
Computers in Schools (13:53)
IRS Scandals Growing! (12:26)
Breadwinner Moms (6:55)
Dr Walt Chappell (13:51)
US Sen Roy Blunt (14:41)
US Rep Kevin Yoder (15:12)
Colin Flaherty (9:58)
Niger Innes (7:11)
David Stokes (9:19)
MO Rep Doug Funderburk (12:59)
Jon Acuff (10:16)
Kerry Patton (6:34)
Danny Coulson (10:12)
MO Rep Kurt Bahr (11:16)
MO Sen Kurt Schaefer (8:08)
Mike O'Neal (13:00)
Bill Dendy (7:43)
John Stossel (9:21)
Lauren Drain (12:38)
Charles Willey MD (10:29)
US Rep Vicky Hartzler (13:17)
Greg talks Atheist St Pattys Parade (10:07)
Hugh Howey (7:45)
MO Rep Bryan Spencer (9:15)
MO Rep Jay Barnes (10:22)
Greg talks Sequester (17:28)
Chris Butler (11:19)
MO Rep Delus Johnson (12:42)